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Tips & Tricks

Each month, we compile a newsletter of new features and tips on how to use our financial sites, listed below are our past issues.

2007’s Tips & Tricks

January 2007

GlobeinvestorGOLD Mobile

2006’s Tips & Tricks

July 2006

Heat Maps.

June 2006

Quick Filters.

May 2006

5-Star Stock Ratings.

April 2006

Filter companies in a new, more powerful way!

March 2006

Comparing a stock's individual perfomance against an index.

February 2006

RRSP time and's redesgin.

January 2006

How to beat the bank and a chance to win $10,000 in gold.

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2005’s Tips & Tricks

December 2005

Fifteen-year mutual fund review.

November 2005

Getting started with mutual funds.

October 2005

Search for economic trends and you shall find.

September 2005

Get your dose of weekly insight into mutual funds.

August 2005

The latest in currency news is now available on

July 2005

Get investing tips from the 2005 edition of the Report on Business Top 1000.

June 2005

Calculating your portfolio’s average cost.

May 2005

Tracking the greenback against the euro.

April 2005

Tim Cestnick offers some thoughts on the recent tax changes.

March 2005

The first of two 15-year fund reviews.

February 2005

Compare your returns with the popular indexes.

January 2005

Find the top gainers on any North American index.

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2004’s Tips & Tricks

December 2004

Using the company financials filter.

November 2004

Globeinvestor's 30-day price history.

October 2004

TSX changes symbols and the Globe looks at small business.

September 2004

Introducing the Insider Edition.

August 2004

Removing stocks from your stocklist.

July 2004

The 20th annual Top 1000 report and we investigate mutual funds.

June 2004

Company snapshots and rising rates.

May 2004

Get one-click access to your portfolio with auto-login.

April 2004

Learn about our new features and look.

March 2004

A new look for spring, and getting an index quote.

February 2004

The 15-year fund review and transferring cash in, or out, of your portfolio.

January 2004

Discover how to spend a windfall and find the best funds for retirement.

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2003’s Tips & Tricks

December 2003

The Globe and Mail Investor survey and historical pricing.

November 2003

Fifteen-year mutual fund review.

October 2003

Investing 101 and dividend information.

September 2003

Blue chips and intraday prices.

August 2003

Searching for trends covered by The Globe and Mail.

July 2003

Discover Canada's Top 1000 most profitable companies then work with the information yourself with our downloadable spreadsheet.

June 2003

Reports on Internet technologies and small business, as well as how to make multiple stock lists.

May 2003

Get free annual reports and discover the best business books.

April 2003

The Quote Pal bookmarklet; as well as sections on tax, family finance, corporate governance, and e-business.

March 2003

Weekly Insight at, and tracking the Canadian dollar.

February 2003

As the RRSP contribution deadline approaches, offers some helpful advice.

January 2003

It's all about trust: income trusts that is. Learn about our new Income Trust Centre and Trust Filter.

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