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About Filters: Filters are search tools designed for isolating stocks, indexes and companies based on criteria that include per cent price change, revenue or profit growth, industry and exchange. All of the statistics below can be combined in one search.

  • Company Information dropdowns let you narrow down your search based on companies in a particular industry, exchange, security type and generate results in any of Globe Investor's Price, Company or Estimate report formats.

  • Price Performance Statistics let you screen stocks and indexes based on their per cent or dollar price change. Price changes can be based on the last available closing prices, or you can screen based on their per cent or dollar price change for the current or last trading day. You can isolate securities that trade above a minimum market price and much more.

  • With Per Share Statistics you can isolate securities that have a specified price-to-earnings ratio or price-to-book value ratio and much more.

  • Financial Strength Statistics let you screen companies based on their market capitalization, and most recent annual financial information such as revenue and net income. All input fields are optional, but can be used to isolate specific companies within an industry that meet your criteria.

  • Financial Growth Statistics let you find the fastest-growing companies in any sector based on profit and revenue.