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Frequently Asked Questions on 5-Star Ratings

How often are the star ratings updated?

Ratings are updated every business day.

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How long does a stock have to trade before it gets a star rating?

Stocks and income trusts must trade for at least two years before receiving a rating.

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Where can I find a history of the star rating for a particular stock?

The 5-Star Rating report under Price Reports has the current rating as well as the rating three months ago and one year ago.

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Are the star ratings different for stocks that trade on multiple exchanges?

Stocks and income trusts are grouped only by industry, and not country, so the rating for the same company on different exchanges is usually the same.

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This stock lost money over the last year. Why does it have a high star rating?

The rating compares price performance against an industry group. A stock that has negative price performance can have a decent rating if it has a good performance relative to its peers.

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How are Analyst Consensus Recommendations and 5-Star Ratings different?

Analysts' recommendations are based on expected prices. 5-Star Ratings are a measure of realized price performance against a peer group. In other words, ratings are based on price performance in the past, not in the future. They are not a recommendation to purchase a stock.

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What industry groups are used to group stocks?


Business services

Communications & media

Consumer products

Financial services



Industrial products

Management and Diversified

Merchandising & lodging


Oil & gas

Other services


Precious metals

Real estate

Transportation & environmental services


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Can we show the star rating for our company in an advertisement?

You may reprint the current 5-Star Rating and then link to the full text of the definition on our web site.

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Do the star ratings take into account the effect of currency fluctuations for U.S. dollar-denominated stocks?

The month-over-month price changes in the rating calculation do not include currency fluctuations. Investors may wish to consider the effect of holding foreign currencies when constructing their portfolio.

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