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Brain-Pad Selected as the Official Dual Arch Mouth Guard for the International Kickboxing Federation and International Sport Combat Federations

First mandates passed for Dual Arch mouth guard usage in combat sports

13:34 EST Wednesday, March 03, 2010

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. (Business Wire) -- The International Kickboxing Federation , a leading kickboxing sanctioning body, and the International Sport Combat Federation, the first and largest mixed martial arts sanctioning body for pro and amateur MMA, have passed safety requirements that will require the use of Dual Arch Jaw Joint Protective mouth guards by all combatants who fight in sanctioned events. This represents one of the first athletic mandates for the use of Jaw Joint protective mouth guards by athletes. The IKF and ISCF, which have thousands of athletes worldwide, selected Brain-Pad® as the official mouth guard for its members. Dual Arch mouth guard usage will become mandatory for all IKF and ISCF competitors by mid-August, 2010.

Brain-Pad is a line of affordable athletic mouth guards using patented technology and a dual arch-protection system. The Brain-Pad mouth guards are tested and proven to reduce impact energy at the base of the skull and brain by keeping the lower jaw stabilized in a position that decreases the likelihood of basal skull concussions and TMJ (jaw joint) injuries.

“We have always taken the measures necessary to ensure the safety of our competitors,” says Steve Fossum, President/CEO of International Fight Sports, the parent company of IKF Kickboxing, ISCF MMA and several other Fight Sport Organizations and companies. “Impact to the jaw and subsequent head injuries pose major medical concerns for our members and we believe this mandate will ensure that better precautions are taken. Many of our athletes have been relying on Brain-Pad mouth guards for dual arch protection and to stabilize the jaw during competition. We feel strongly in the performance and protection benefits of these mouth guards and are proud to set an example to the sports community by passing this safety requirement. We are also pleased to see that ISKA and KICK International have now also agreed to do the same with their event participants in 2010 which brings unification to the new safety requirement.

Unlike traditional single arch mouth guards that offer protection for either the upper or lower teeth, Brain-Pad is a dual arch, bi-molar, mouth guard. The Brain-Pad technology repositions the lower jaw while protecting both the upper and lower teeth. The jaw is stabilized into a neutral position, creating a safety space that reduces the risk of jaw impact concussions and TMJ injuries. When put into place, the Brain-Pad® mouth guards also open the airway in the throat 100 percent, allowing users to breathe better and gain a competitive advantage.

“This mandate is a truly landmark decision for combat sports,” says Joe Manzo, President of Brain-Pad. “We have been supplying Brain-Pad mouth guards, designed to protect that vulnerable jaw joint and base of the skull, to IKF and ISCF members since 1999 and commend the organization for taking proactive measures in the protection of its athletes. As more states propose concussion bills and discuss new regulations for better concussion prevention, we expect that more sports organizations will follow suit with similar mandates.”

Brain-Pad mouth guards are available at leading athletic retailers including Wal-Mart® stores nationwide, and retail between $7 and $30 based on the model. Please visit the Brain-Pad website to view the official mandates.


A privately held corporation, founded in 1995 specifically for the promotion, manufacture, and sale of customized Brain-Pad® dual-arch mouth-guards designed to reduce the risk of concussion from lower jaw impacts while increasing endurance and performance. Brain-Pad, Inc. has become a leader in technology development in this field. Its Brain-Pad® products are available in retail and wholesale outlets as well as through distributors, contact sports leagues, professional organizations, school teams at intermediate, high-school, college, and university level. Brain-Pad® products are well-accepted by professional sports athletes in boxing, mixed martial arts, football and many other contact sports. Brain-Pad® products also include shock-absorbing wrist, arm and head-bands as well as: juniors', women's, men's, and professional athlete's dual-arch protective and high performance mouth-guards.

Additionally, Brain-Pad, Inc. recently developed, patented, and commercially released a premium ultra-violet/ozone oral appliance sanitizer, the NatureZone™, available to the retailers and distributors but exclusively distributed to the professional dental industry by Henry Schein, Inc., the largest global distributor of dental and medical products to dentists, dental laboratories and physicians.

Brain-Pad, Inc.'s corporate headquarters are located in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. For product or company details contact 610-397-0893,, or visit

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