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Bullish on AT&T

Only a decline below about $31.50 would be negative

Globe and Mail Update

13:51 EDT Friday, July 27, 2012

In our previous report on May 28, 2011 ($31.29), we suggested that AT&T had built a large bullish duplex horizontal formation (dashed lines) and that this base supports higher targets.

Subsequently, the stock moved into a horizontal trading range between $27 and $32 (dotted lines). Recent price action to $36.21 (A) signalled a breakout from the most recent trading range toward higher targets.

Some weakness may occur toward about $32.50, but only a decline below about $31.50 would be negative.

Point & Figure measurements provide targets of $37 and $43. Higher targets are visible.

Monica Rizk is the senior technical analyst for Phases & Cycles Inc. ( ). Ron Meisels is a contributor to the website and Tweets at @Ronsbriefs. They may hold shares in companies profiled. Please see the site for a glossary.

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