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Insiders buy, as Davis + Henderson stock slides after results

Director and CEO both snap up shares when price dropped

20:58 EDT Friday, June 15, 2012

Cheque supplier Davis + Henderson Corp., which has been expanding into the U.S. mortgage servicing technology area announced first quarter results in May. Adjusted net income fell, but net cash from operating activities increased. Although the stock dropped after the news, insiders bought. Director Gordon Feeney spent $1,799,575 to acquire 100,000 shares. Mr. Feeney is a former deputy chair of the Royal Bank of Canada. CEO Gerrard Schmid was also one of the buyers, picking up 3,850 shares between the prices of $16.41 and $16.62.

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Chart reflects public-market transactions of common shares or unit trusts by company officers and directors.

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