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1024, Inc. Develops Safe Alternative Discipline Device for Children

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Discipline techniques of old are no longer acceptable to parents and caregivers: belts, straps, switches, paddles and hands can leave marks that cause serious injury, risking a child's health and well-being and placing parents and caregivers at risk of legal trouble. Enter B-Stik(TM) (, the first safe and effective alternative discipline device for children.

Designed to allow a parent or caregiver to physically discipline a child without causing harm or injury, B-Stik is a hand-held pliant baton that will sting upon contact but leave the child free of welts, bruises or blunt trauma. Steven Robyor, who developed B-Stik, hopes the product will eliminate cases of serious injury and abuse resulting from inappropriate discipline.

"Children should not be subjected to conventional physical discipline methods that have proven harmful," said Robyor. "This product will enable a parent or caregiver to physically correct a child's misbehavior safely, effectively, and most of all, responsibly."

When used on soft tissue, B-Stik provides a low- to high-force impact in a way that does not inflict harm or injury. Robyor, who tested the product before releasing it to the public, says it addresses a technical gap in modern discipline.

"Every day, children are being harmed, injured or worse from physical discipline methods intended to improve their behavior," Robyor explained. "The damage children are subjected to by these methods is completely preventable and exists mostly because of the lack of reasonable, non-excessive and non-extreme discipline measures. It's just too easy to overdo conventional physical discipline -- but B-Stik now removes that risk."

     Steven Robyor
     1024, Inc.
     (561) 447-0577

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