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Brent Jang

Friday, May 16, 2008

Air Canada and Porter Airlines Inc. now have $40 one-way fuel surcharges for transborder routes between Canada and the United States. Air Canada kicked off fuel surcharges last Friday, with WestJet Airlines Ltd. and Porter following with their own fees. Air Canada reduced its fuel fees by 25 per cent on domestic medium- and long-haul flights earlier this week, matching WestJet's response. But Air Canada consolidated three transborder fees, based on distance travelled, into a single $40 Canada-U.S. levy. Air Canada and WestJet now have domestic fuel fees one-way of $20 for short haul, $30 for medium and $45 for long. WestJet also uses the three tiers on its transborder routes. Porter's $40 one-way fuel fee applies to its Toronto-Newark service.

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