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Darren Entwistle, President; Chief Executive Officer

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

From The Globe and Mail

Brian Canfield, Chairman of TELUS, is pleased to announce the appointment of Daren Entwistle to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer, TELUS.

Darren has extensive experience in the communications industry with particular focus in the areas of Internet protocol (IP), data and wireless. Darren spent the last seven years in London, holding senior positions with Cable & Wireless Communications plc and Mercury Communications. Operating in one of the world's most competitive telecom markets -- with over 200 licensed operators -- Cable & Wireless is the U.K.'s second largest telecom company.

Most recently, Darren was President, Cable & Wireless U.K. and Ireland. While in this position, he led the global restructuring of the Cable and Wireless group, resulting in the creation of Cable & Wireless Global -- the vehicle for implementing Cable & Wireless's data and IP strategy. Earlier, Darren was Merger Director at Cable & Wireless with responsibility for implementing the largest merger in U.K. history and the world's first four-way merger.

A Canadian citizen, Darren held various management positions with Bell Canada early in his career. He has an honours degree in economics from Concordia University, an MBA in finance from McGill University and a diploma in network engineering from the University of Toronto.

TELUS Corporation is one of Canada's largest telecommunications companies and provides a full range of advanced communications services and products connecting Canadians with the world. TELUS has annual revenues approaching $6 billion, assets of $8 billion and 21,600 employees. For more information about TELUS visit

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