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Heenan Blaikie:
Donald J. Johnston, Counsel

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Donald J. Johnston
From The Globe and Mail

Heenan Blaikie is pleased to announce that Donald J. Johnston, P.C., Q.C., is joining the firm's Montréal team as counsel. Mr. Johnston recently completed a ten-year mandate as Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is Paris.

A co-founder of our firm in 1973, Mr. Johnston practiced business law and taxation before leaving the firm in 1978 for a decade during which he was a Member of Parliament, heading several ministries under the Trudeau government.

In 1996, Mr. Johnston became head of the OECD. He breathed new life into the organization, mainly introducing governance, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development to the OECD agenda.

Mr. Johnston's return to Heenan Blaikie confirms and emphasizes the international scope of our firm. His in-depth familiarity with the operation of the global economy makes hime an invaluable resource for our clients. Heenan Blaikie is, more than ever, a partner of choice for companies focused on tomorrow's world.

Since its inception, Heenan Blaikie has grown progressively to more than 400 lawyers in its nine offies in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. The firm provides sought-after expertise in business law, labour and employment law, litigation, taxation, entertainment law and intellectual property.

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