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Canadian Commercial Corporation:
J. Hugh O'Donnell, Executive Vice President

Thursday, October 5, 2000

From The Globe and Mail

J. Hugh O'Donnell

New Executive Appointment at the Canadian Commercial Corporation.
Mr. Douglas Patriquin, President of the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. J. Hugh O'Donnell as Executive
Vice-President, Business Development and Operations.

Mr. O'Donnell will have direct responsibility for driving new business development initiatives and expanding CCC's business and capacity to effectively serve growing client demand.

Mr. O'Donnell brings considerable experience in both the private and public sectors and has a proven track record in establishing government and industry partnerships, introducing entrepreneurial leadership and managing a diverse work force. He previously worked for SHL Systemhouse - Visions Solutions and has held senior positions in government, including Assistant Deputy Minister of Geomatics at Natural Resources Canada.

An export sales organization wholly owned by the Government of Canada, CCC helps Canadian exporters win sales on improved terms in government and private sector markets around the world, through its unique government-backed guarantee of contract performance. Selling through CCC can raise credibility of Canadian companies with customers and financial institutions. CCC works with foreign buyers sourcing Canadian supply and has for over forty five years, provided special access to the Canadian businesses selling to the United States Department of Defense and NASA.

CCC manages sales contracts of over $1 billion annually and is active in over 100 countries.

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