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50 Top Income Trusts

Many trusts are still paying out fat yields to investors. But a handful have hit a wall and now pay out zero.

Rank Company and Year-End Revenue $000 Profit $000 Dividend
*Dividend yield based on indicated rate for trusts with less than one year of current distribution history.
1GazMetro LP(Se04)1,782,934160,3776.46
2Superior Plus Income Fund(De04)1,552,800111,2008.21
3Canadian Oil Sands Trust(De04)1,480,200509,2002.96
4The Brick Group Income Fund(De04)3613,03222,3278.60
5Provident Energy Trust(De04)51,201,28021,68212.66
6Fording Canadian Coal Trust(De04)1,173,700150,1004.75
7TransForce Income Fund(De04)51,120,23664,5557.68
8Retirement ResidencesREIT(De04)51,021,6645,24210.67
9Enerplus Resources Fund(De04)1,021,498258,3169.63
10Energy Savings IncomeFund(Ma05)5922,98137,2055.11
11AltaGas Income Trust(De04)859,21965,8017.78
12ARC Energy Trust(De04)836,427241,69010.06
13PengrowthEnergy Trust(De04)832,660153,74514.22
14North West Co. Fund(Ja05)788,69337,2655.87
15Fort Chicago EnergyPartners LP(De04)780,68177,6237.34
16Legacy Hotels REIT(De04)754,200-1,8004.43
17Keyera Facilities Income Fund(De04)4750,16122,7387.92
18Parkland Income Fund(De04)5686,6583,9607.89
19Yellow Pages Income Fund(De04)4638,584106,9896.72
20Connors Bros. Income Fund(De04)5602,40821,7347.51
21Bonavista Energy Trust(De04)599,445206,32311.35
22RioCan REIT(De04)581,673158,3216.92
23PrimeWest Energy Trust(De04)534,300103,40012.38
24Acclaim Energy Trust(De04)521,51436,69013.54
25Atlas Cold StorageIncome Trust(De04)487,575-15,3100
26TimberWestForest Corp.(De04)485,20067,9007.16
27Inter Pipeline Fund(De04)482,35971,9817.97
28Priszm Canadian Income Fund(De04)4474,52617,7588.22
29Petrofund Energy Trust(De04)468,36974,35912.30
30Heating Oil PartnersIncome Fund(Se04)4468,069-7,0520
31Great Lakes Carbon Income Fund(De04)1,4356,92518,2196.61
32Noranda Income Fund(De04)439,01927,7468.13
33Rogers Sugar Income Fund(Se04)428,42143,14510.20
34H&R REIT(De04)412,81788,7816.53
35Specialty Foods GroupIncome Fund(Ja05)1,4311,937-61,3400
36Tree Island Wire Income Fund(De04)5397,32836,4928.36
37Menu Foods Income Fund(De04)5380,71212,7178.48
38Hardwoods DistributionIncome Fund(De04)3289,89514,6039.11
39Contrans Income Fund(De04)5372,47924,5008.91
40Baytex Energy Trust(De04)358,85213,76314.10
41Vermilion Energy Trust(De04)355,810108,91710.14
42Chemtrade LogisticsIncome Fund(De04)5346,35418,7946.50
43Strongco Income Fund(De04)345,0027,67312.20
44ROW Entertainment Income Fund(De04)4332,82712,50111.11
45Shiningbank Energy Income Fund(De04)307,514138,80612.84
46PBB Global LogisticsIncome Fund(De04)5300,8776,2629.65
47CCS Income Trust(De04)300,75147,4224.76
48Boardwalk REIT(De04)282,5104,7796.83
49InnVest REIT(De04)5282,47031,2369.45
50KCP Income Fund(De04)1,5214,04412,0469.30

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  1. Figures are reported in U.S. Dollars.
  2. Figures are reported in U.K. Pounds and converted to Canadian Dollars.
  3. Figures have been annualized in the latest year.
  4. Figures have been annualized in previous year.
  5. Figures have been annualized in previous 3 through 5 years.
  6. Foreign Currencies are converted into Canadian dollars at the relevant period end for balance sheet items and the average for the relevant period for earnings items.
not available,
no debt,
not meaningful,
not ranked.

Figures for fiscal periods other than 12 months are annualized for rankings and calculating returns. Foreign currencies are converted into Canadian dollars at the end of the relevant period for balance sheet items and at the average exchange rate for the relevant period for earnings items.