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Good Value: Lowest Debt/Equity

Rank Company and Year-End 1000 Rank Debt/Equity
1Richelieu Hardware(No04)3130.050
2Optimal Group(De04)9110.051
3Reitmans (Canada)(Ja05)1730.055
4Cangene Corp.(Jl04)2780.056
5Jaguar Mining(De04)8500.056
6Mitec Telecom(Ap04)8730.059
7NQL Drilling Tools(De04)9630.060
8MDSI Mobile Data Solutions(De04)7200.063
9Cyries Energy(De04)6360.064
10Glamis Gold(De04)3060.065
11Bonterra Energy Income Trust(De04)3530.071
12High Liner Foods(Ja05)5200.071
13PetroFalcon Corp.(De04)6530.071
14Senvest Capital(De04)4570.071
15Gamehost Income Fund(De04)5660.075
16Wescast Industries(Ja05)9480.075
17PFB Corp.(De04)6800.077
18Softchoice Corp.(De04)4390.077
19Emergis Inc.(De04)9780.078
20World Heart(De04)9560.079

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  1. Figures are reported in U.S. Dollars.
  2. Figures are reported in U.K. Pounds and converted to Canadian Dollars.
  3. Figures have been annualized in the latest year.
  4. Figures have been annualized in previous year.
  5. Figures have been annualized in previous 3 through 5 years.
  6. Foreign Currencies are converted into Canadian dollars at the relevant period end for balance sheet items and the average for the relevant period for earnings items.
not available,
no debt,
not meaningful,
not ranked.

Where necessary for ranking purposes, figures from companies that report in U.S. dollars have been converted to Canadian dollars and partial-year results have been annualized. Share price calculations are based on closing share prices on the companiesí balance sheet dates.