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50 Best Paid Executives

Shareholders may be complaining, but overall pay was actually down last year.

Rank Executive and Company Base Salary Annual Bonus Long-Term Incentive Total Direct Compensation
02 01
Source: Mercer Human Resources Consulting
11Frank Stronach, Chair, Magna International Inc.$314,0800$51,823,200$52,137,280
22Travis Engen, Pres. & CEO, Alcan Inc.$1,923,740$2,520,492$13,011,410$17,455,642
310Don Wright, Former Deputy Chair, TD Bank Financial Group $800,0000$11,778,675$12,578,675
4-Belinda Stronach, Pres. & CEO, Magna International Inc.$173,529$6,214,811$6,132,224$12,520,564
526Paul Tellier, Pres. & CEO, Canadian National Railway Co.$1,727,440$629,730$9,904,214$12,261,385
640Gwyn Morgan, Pres. & CEO, EnCana Corp.$1,181,667$2,500,000$8,403,210$12,084,877
73Jean Monty, Former Chair & CEO, BCE Inc.$692,500$1,336,000$9,769,500$11,798,000
8-Paul Hastings, Pres. & CEO, QLT Inc. *$785,200$357,355$10,509,855$11,652,410
946Vic De Zen, Pres. & CEO, Royal Group Tech. Ltd.$500,000$5,629,548$4,480,000$10,609,548
1029Dominic D'Alessandro, Pres. & CEO, Manulife Financial Corp.$1,200,000$2,400,000$6,707,989$10,307,989
1119Peter Godsoe, Pres. & CEO, Bank of Nova Scotia$1,350,000$1,350,000$7,383,580$10,083,580
12-Robert Burton, Pres. & CEO, Moore Corp. Ltd.$1,480,203$4,750,460$3,575,537$9,806,199
1333E. Hunter Harrison, Exec. VP & COO, Canadian National Railway Co.$1,468,324$374,697$7,428,161$9,271,182
14-William A. Downe, CEO, BMO Nesbitt Burns; Deputy Chair, BMO Fin. Group$863,720$3,533,400$4,706,003$9,103,123
1513Richard Harrington, Pres. & CEO, Thomson Corp.$1,931,592$2,658,643$4,256,161$8,846,396
1615Gordon Nixon, Pres. & CEO, RBC Financial Group$900,000$2,400,000$5,457,143$8,757,143
1728Siegfried Wolf, Exec. Vice-Chair, Magna International Inc.$157,040$6,574,935$1,365,124$8,097,099
18-Vince Galifi, Exec. VP, Fin. & CFO, Magna International Inc.$173,529$2,954,755$4,905,779$8,034,063
19-Dan O'Neill, Pres. & CEO, Molson Inc. **$875,000$2,361,250$4,671,987$7,908,237
20-Patrick Brockett, Pres. & CEO, Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. **$767,475$460,480$6,526,624$7,754,579
21-John Sheridan, Pres. & COO, Bell Canada, BCE Inc.$711,398$305,620$6,605,700$7,622,718
2221Donald Stewart, Chair & CEO, Sun Life Financial Services$850,000$1,500,000$5,106,640$7,456,640
2314Charles Baillie, Chair & CEO, TD Bank Financial Group$1,340,8220$6,089,587$7,430,409
24-William J. Doyle, Pres. & CEO, Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan$1,275,950$747,510$5,345,405$7,368,866
2538Jeffrey Lipton, Pres. & CEO, Nova Chemicals Corp.$1,413,3600$5,920,199$7,333,559
26-JR Shaw, Exec. Chair, Shaw Communications$900,000$6,326,7300$7,226,730
27-Rick George, Pres. & CEO, Suncor Energy Inc.$809,615$850,000$5,542,724$7,202,339
28-Michael Sabia, Pres. & CEO, BCE Inc.$931,667$650,000$5,410,800$6,992,467
2924David Wilson, Chair & CEO, Scotia Capital; Vice-Chair, Bank of Nova Scotia $275,000$4,123,000$2,469,000$6,867,000
30-Jean Turmel, Pres. Fin Mkts., Treasury & Inv. Bank, Nat'l Bank of Canada$500,000$5,351,000$1,014,550$6,865,550
31-Pierre-Karl Péladeau, Pres. & CEO, Quebecor Inc.$1,354,3050$5,484,896$6,839,201
32-Tom Skudutis, Exec. VP, Operations, Magna International Inc.$173,529$2,110,539$4,380,160$6,664,228
33-F. Anthony Comper, Chair & CEO, BMO Financial Group$1,000,000$1,100,000$4,448,929$6,548,929
34-Douglas Dunsmuir, Pres. & CEO, Royal Group Tech. Ltd.$358,000$3,221,820$2,912,000$6,491,820
3523Hank Swartout, Pres. & CEO, Precision Drilling Corp.$550,0000$5,930,720$6,480,720
36-Stephen Wetmore, Exec. VP, BCE Inc.; Vice-Chair, Corporate, Bell Canada$591,731$146,700$5,713,843$6,452,274
3736David Shaffer, Pres. & CEO, Thomson Financial, Thomson Corp.$1,537,684$3,075,368$1,833,423$6,446,475
38-David Nield, Chair & CEO, Canada Life Fin. Corp.$820,000$984,000$4,314,000$6,118,000
394Frank Dunn, Pres. & CEO, Nortel Networks Corp.$1,295,5800$4,751,442$6,047,022
4032Frank Weise, Pres. & CEO, Cott Corp.$667,420$1,334,840$4,013,817$6,016,077
4112Robert Brown, Former Pres. & CEO, Bombardier Inc.$1,500,0000$4,228,200$5,728,200
429Irving Weiser, Chair & CEO, RBC Dain Rauscher, RBC Financial Group$471,120$4,711,200$248,014$5,430,334
43-Manfred Gingl, Exec. Vice-Chair, Magna International Inc.$196,810$5,199,0890$5,395,899
44-John Weaver, Pres. & CEO, Abitibi-Consolidated Inc.$1,350,120$772,200$3,122,850$5,245,170
4525W. Edmund Clark, Pres. & COO, TD Bank Financial Group$1,041,4050$4,158,446$5,199,851
46-Jim Buckee, Pres. & CEO, Talisman Energy Inc.$945,500$681,000$3,417,480$5,043,980
47-Tim Hearn, Chair, Pres. & CEO, Imperial Oil Ltd.$668,333$442,000$3,621,050$4,731,383
48-Yvan J. P. Bourdeau, Pres. & COO, BMO Nesbitt Burns, BMO Fin. Group$300,000$2,000,000$2,292,802$4,592,802
49-Wayne C. Fox, Vice-Chair & Cheif Risk Officer, CIBC$500,000$300,000$3,791,737$4,591,737
50-Jay Taylor, Pres. & CEO, Placer Dome Inc.$840,054$850,054$2,866,718$4,556,827

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  1. Figures are reported in U.S. Dollars.
  2. Figures are reported in U.K. Pounds and converted to Canadian Dollars.
  3. Figures have been annualized in the latest year.
  4. Figures have been annualized in previous year.
  5. Figures have been annualized in previous 3 through 5 years.
  6. Foreign Currencies are converted into Canadian dollars at the relevant period end for balance sheet items and the average for the relevant period for earnings items.
not available,
no debt,
not meaningful,
not ranked.

Figures for fiscal periods other than 12 months are annualized for rankings and calculating returns. Foreign currencies are converted into Canadian dollars at the end of the relevant period for balance sheet items and at the average exchange rate for the relevant period for earnings items.