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50 Largest Employers

Rank Company (Year End) Head Office Number of Employees Revenue per Employee Profit per Employee
* U.S. GAAP results released in January, 2004. Nortel says they were to be restated.
1George Weston Ltd.(De03)Toronto, ON145,860200,1785,430
2Onex Corp.(De03)Toronto, ON102,000169,569-3,255
3Magna International(De03)Aurora, ON75,000205,2676,960
4Hudson's Bay Co.(Ja04)Toronto, ON70,000105,918 989
5BCE Inc.(De03)Montreal, QC64,054299,63828,335
6Bombardier Inc.(Ja04)Montreal, QC64,000333,438-1,391
7Royal Bank of Canada(Oc03)Toronto, ON60,812408,29149,415
8Alcan Inc.(De03)Montreal, QC52,000262,6733,212
9Quebecor Inc.(De03)Montreal, QC49,000229,5611,355
10Sears Canada(Ja04)Toronto, ON48,000129,6792,806
11Canadian Tire Corp.(Ja04)Toronto, ON45,000145,6185,480
12Bank of Nova Scotia(Oc03)Toronto, ON43,986392,42056,313
13Celestica Inc.(De03)Toronto, ON43,000156,853-6,181
14Toronto-Dominion Bank(Oc03)Toronto, ON41,934372,63325,659
15Thomson Corp.(De03)Toronto, ON39,000195,28222,231
16Cara Operations(Ma03)Mississauga, ON38,00029,9961,238
17Cdn. Imp. Bank of Commerce(Oc03)Toronto, ON36,630467,43156,320
18Extendicare Inc.(De03)Markham, ON35,80048,1741,695
19Air Canada(De03)Dorval, QC34,800250,776-53,649
19Nortel Networks Corp.(De03)1 *Brampton, ON34,800289,05221,034
21Alimentation Couche-Tard(Ap03)Laval, QC34,00099,2491,948
22Bank of Montreal(Oc03)Toronto, ON33,993386,75653,688
23Empire Co.(Ap03)Stellarton, NS33,000322,3974,664
24Four Seasons Hotels(De03)Toronto, ON28,64010,038 188
25Telus Corp.(De03)Vancouver, BC24,719290,85713,411
26Fairmont Hotels & Resorts(De03)Toronto, ON24,47228,1222,072
27Intier Automotive(De03)Newmarket, ON24,000193,9582,596
28Brascan Corp.(De03)Toronto, ON23,000149,34817,739
29Power Corp.(De03)Montreal, QC22,000719,54557,636
30Intrawest Corp.(Ju03)Vancouver, BC21,80049,8461,568
31Canadian National Railway Co.(De03)Montreal, QC21,489277,30534,157
32CGI Group(Se03)Montreal, QC20,000136,1398,868
32Retirement Residences REIT(De03)Toronto, ON20,00046,5902,187
34Maple Leaf Foods(De03)Toronto, ON18,000280,1311,948
35National Bank of Canada(Oc03)Montreal, QC16,914270,01336,893
36Placer Dome(De03)Vancouver, BC16,750110,03012,657
37Abitibi-Consolidated(De03)Montreal, QC16,000345,87511,188
38Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd.(De03)Calgary, AB15,645247,84325,484
39Rogers Communications(De03)Toronto, ON15,000339,9538,613
39Rona Inc.(De03)Boucherville, QC15,000180,8485,196
39Cascades Inc.(De03)Kingsey Falls, QC15,000234,7333,667
39Noranda Inc.(De03)1Toronto, ON15,000310,4672,267
43Decoma International(De03)1Concord, ON14,000168,7085,136
44Sun Life Financial(De03)Toronto, ON13,6001,621,76596,250
45Manulife Financial(De03)Toronto, ON13,0001,281,231118,923
46Masonite International(De03)Mississauga, ON12,000148,1038,973
47Finning International(De03)Vancouver, BC11,409314,95311,566
48CanWest Global Communications(Au03)Winnipeg, MB11,400200,1624,043
49Metro Inc.(Se03)Montreal, QC11,300492,68114,717
50Transcontinental Inc.(Oc03)Montreal, QC11,266169,67712,694

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  1. Figures are reported in U.S. Dollars.
  2. Figures are reported in U.K. Pounds and converted to Canadian Dollars.
  3. Figures have been annualized in the latest year.
  4. Figures have been annualized in previous year.
  5. Figures have been annualized in previous 3 through 5 years.
  6. Foreign Currencies are converted into Canadian dollars at the relevant period end for balance sheet items and the average for the relevant period for earnings items.
not available,
no debt,
not meaningful,
not ranked.

Figures for fiscal periods other than 12 months are annualized for rankings and calculating returns. Foreign currencies are converted into Canadian dollars at the end of the relevant period for balance sheet items and at the average exchange rate for the relevant period for earnings items.