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Tax Strategies

It's almost that time of year again. Tax Strategies will offer tips to help you save money as you file your return in April and plan to be more tax-wise in the year ahead.

Pillars of planning

Forward thinkers will look to these five Ds now to reap tax rewards later

While Canadians scramble to pull together last-minute tax savings, the savviest are already looking ahead to ensure that, this time next year, they will reap the rewards of forward thinking.

Top 10 tax-filing errors to avoid

With these in mind, savings will add up

Here are 10 of the top mistakes tax filers make — and you should avoid.

Correcting past returns' errors may yield current savings

Although the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency generally offers a three-year reassessment period, the agency's fairness package allows many adjustments to be filed as far back as the 1985 taxation year, says Dawn McGeachy, a certified general accountant in Almonte, Ont.

Troll the Net for tax help

From software for filling out returns to on-line filing to finding answers to tax-planning questions, ROB CARRICK surfs for the sites of most help before April 30

The Internet is a great painkiller for all your tax headaches.

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