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Small Business

In this report, we aim to keep the owners, managers, employees and customers of small and medium-size enterprises up-to-date with what's new in areas that affect their everyday business existence.

Banks roll out the red carpet

Clients needing advice as much as capital are finding more expert counsel along with expanded services

Recognizing that small-business operators need advice as much as capital to build their businesses, financial institutions these days are offering larger than ever dollops of expert counsel, in addition to quicker loan approvals, competitive interest rates and a range of services that cover the whole gamut of their customers' personal and business needs.

Never too early to put succession plan in place

But whether because of a fear of upsetting family members or facing up to their own mortality, too many owners of family enterprises fail to establish a succession plan until it is too late — if they do it at all.

Lessons learned from SARS crisis

The need for contingency plans is just one of the realizations of small businesses sucker-punched by the outbreak

As the SARS crisis recedes, many small businesses sucker-punched by the severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak have learned some hard lessons.

Range of new tools saves time, cuts costs

The Nokia 3650 imaging telephone, which enables users to shoot photos and videos, send and receive e-mail, surf the Net and organize contacts and appointments, is among a host of hot new tools helping Canada's small businesses save time, cut costs and improve their bottom lines.

In tough times, contractors can fill key gaps

As Mississauga-based Playdium Corp. struggled to emerge from bankruptcy protection last year, money was tight and the company found it hard to make long-term commitments to prospective employees. Hiring contract workers helped it get back on its feet.

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