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Special Report

Family Finances 2004

This special report focuses on the many distinct issues that families face with their personal finances.

Role reversal: children who support parents

While many boomers expect inheritances, others find themselves providing financial assistance to parents in their senior years

When she became engaged four years ago, Dina Arellano made one thing clear: her widowed mother, who was financially dependent on her, was going to be part of the package.

Raising a family -- again

Grandparents caring for grand kids is a growing trend, and some struggle to make ends meet

At a time of life when most people are planning their retirement, Paul and Darlene Pellman are raising a family. Again.

Passing the buck: Handing money down

Passing the buck may be a completely inappropriate tactic when it comes to the blame game, but when it comes to your money, passing the buck to your kids is something you're sure to do one day.

Make marriage and money work

The problems of love and money are so entwined, the Credit Counselling Service has produced a booklet called Couples & Money to help people learn how to manage their finances before they end up needing counsellors' services.

Bear's bite brings lessons to kids

Many parents are trying to pass them down to make their children better investors

Stanley Tepner knows only too well the difficulties of trying to educate a teenager about smart investing when the Top 40 music hits have a lot more appeal than the S&P/TSX 60.

Grandparents shouldn't forget selves

by Ann Kerr

If there's one mistake many grandparents make when they contribute financially to raising their grandchildren, it's being too generous, say financial experts.

Make RRSPs a year-round approach

by Laura Ramsay

As the RRSP deadline approaches, many Canadians will scrape together what they can from the dregs of their post-Christmas finances to make a contribution.

Financial pitfalls for common-law couples

Many may not realize the complications their legal state of limbo can create

Ms. Casey says she recently searched government Web sites looking for answers to her questions about the legal status of common-law couples and "couldn't find anything."

Fears of split hold back spousal RRSPs

Many couples are reluctant to take advantage, despite plan's benefits

During her marriage, she was a firm believer in spousal RRSPs. Although she and her husband separated two years ago, she still is.

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