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Family Finances 2003

Family Finances offers tips on a variety of financial issues facing families today.

Self-employment blues

Independence has its rewards, but easy credit isn't among them. Here are some tips for couples dealing with the vagaries of working on their own

While both being self-employed gives couples a number of advantages, from greater control over their work schedules to spending more time together, it also throws up a host of particular financial challenges.

Income splitting a family affair to reduce tax hit

Income splitting is simply moving income from the hands of one family member to another who will pay tax at a lower rate

Helping couples through 'I don't'

Certified divorce specialists are latest aid to splitting spouses in splitting up assets

Certified divorce specialists say they are needed because lawyers don't know the financial intricacies and long-term impact of many of the financial decisions that get made when couples go their separate ways.

Market woes offer RESP lessons

As if the parents of Ontario's double-cohort students didn't have enough to worry about, add in concerns about covering post-secondary education costs.

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