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E-Business - Part 3

This report, the third of four special reports on technology offers in-depth analysis of trends in the Internet economy, with an emphasis on how successful companies are using the latest developments to advantage. Wireless technologies, security, outsourcing and Web services are just a few of the topics under consideration.

Hot spot reception still lukewarm

Commercial providers still trying to find profit formula for wireless Internet access

Even when all these issues are resolved, it will take time for people to discover their need for hot spots.

Value for e-biz spending the new mantra

The free-wheeling days of the 1990s are over. Now companies want to know how investments in technology will pay off

When Canada's oldest retailer went on a technology shopping spree, it was determined to get full value for its $275-million e-business spending splurge.

Grids make further inroads in business

From banks to drug makers, more companies are putting clusters of computers to good use in their spare time

Welcome to the growing world of grid computing, where groups of computers used mainly for other purposes are put to work together in their spare time.

Remote energy control systems get boost after blackout

With a few clicks of a computer mouse, Sears Canada Inc. and the London Health Sciences Centre expect to shave millions from their energy bills and ease the load on Ontario's beleaguered hydroelectric system.

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