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E-Business - Part 2

This report, the second of four special reports on technology offers in-depth analysis of trends in the Internet economy, with an emphasis on how successful companies are using the latest developments to advantage. Wireless technologies, security, outsourcing and Web services are just a few of the topics under consideration.

Canada's on-line report card

The players draw mixed grades in a sweeping assessment of the nation's digital economy, KEVIN MARRON reports

Like concerned parents on the last day of school, the movers and shakers of Canadian e-business are now anxiously scrutinizing a report card recording the performance of small and medium-sized companies in the past year.

E-tailers arm with software to battle on-line fraud

New products combat e-shoplifting, credit-card number stealing and employee theft

Internet security expert Victor Keong has good news and bad news for retailers who sell goods and services on the Web.

Beware wares of anti-spam spammers

Bogus products may contain viruses and worms, opening the door to more trouble.

Tech test operates by mote control

A vineyard is the testing ground for a wirelessly linked network of sensors that has huge potential for e-business

On arid slopes overlooking British Columbia's Lake Okanagan, vineyard owner Don King is coaxing 30,000 plants to grow grapes of exactly the right colour, size and sweetness to produce great ice wine and other fine vintages.

Smart-home scenario coming soon

An elderly man suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease turns on the stove and then wanders out of his kitchen.If he forgets to turn it off, he will get a reminder on a pager he carries in his pocket. If he doesn't respond, an alert will be sent to a health care worker or his daughter, even if she is on the other side of the continent on a business trip.

Web advertising takes maturing steps

On-line advertising is getting more sophisticated, ironically, by turning its back on the notion that the Web is a whole new world where old rules are passé.

Emerging tech gets a boost

Microsoft, IBM reinvigorate digital rights management

DRM controls what people do with digital content, which can include software, data files, music and video.

Has VOIP's time arrived?

Maturing of technology may finally have readied Internet telephony for takeoff.

Internet telephony during SARS scare

When a Toronto firm wanted to keep its call centre agents healthy during the recent SARS scare, Avaya Canada Corp. had the right prescription: It supplied the software to let them operate from home.

Common sense can keep rogues at bay

They're simple looking boxes about the size of a portable phone base, each with a couple of antennas — nothing that would normally attract much notice. But for some enterprises, they're causing IT headaches.

Live but not in person with Webcasting

A growing number of Canadian companies are using the technology to let audiences far afield see and hear events they don't have to physically attend.

New tools offer HR support

First it was customers. Now its employee relationship management

William Gibson of the Toronto Police Service is on the verge of cracking a very tough case. Armed with new software, the director of human resources for North America's sixth-largest police force believes that he will soon be able to solve the logistical problems of a department that has long been handcuffed by old technology.

Reluctance to share stalls grid computing

New study shows 'server hugging' a barrier to reaping cost and efficiency of one of the hottest trends in corporate computing

Technology managers wanting to jump on one of today's hottest trends in corporate computing will have to apply a lesson most of them were taught in kindergarten — they must learn to share.

Business basics bring brothers on-line success

Commercial common sense matters as much as technical savvy to twins' two sales operations on the Web.

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