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Globe E-Business

This report, the first of four special reports on technology offers in-depth analysis of trends in the Internet economy, with an emphasis on how successful companies are using the latest developments to advantage. Wireless technologies, security, outsourcing and Web services are just a few of the topics under consideration.

Bolster defences, computer users urged

A cyberwar would have no boundaries, experts warn

In what you could call a 21st-century version of civil defence, security experts are urging e-businesses and individual computer users to do their bit to protect the technology infrastructure against cyber attack.

WiFi hot spots start to sizzle

Today's trend reminds many of the early dot-com era as small start-ups roll out new public Internet access services in response to burgeoning demand

David Smith loves the hot, spicy dishes at his nearby Cajun-style restaurant, and he is warming to his favourite eatery even more now that it's become a WiFi hot spot, serving up high-speed Internet access via a wireless network.

Forging the missing link of e-business

Business-to-business e-payments are a matter of getting on-line players in line

"As we look at the e-business continuum, there's still one thing missing: e-payment," agrees Miriam Tuerk, president, e-business solutions, with Montreal-based BCE Emergis Inc."

Fixed wireless finds its niche

Alternative for high-speed Internet access is gaining fans among businesses in underserved areas

With his fibre-optic cable provider buried in debt, Sean Laibovitz turned to the airwaves for an alternate solution to his company's high-speed Internet access needs.

Linux whimsy belies solid security

Peer scrutiny means high-quality code, say open operating system's cheerleaders

This freely available operating system that has evolved in the geeky Internet culture of hackers and computer programming enthusiasts may prove to be more secure and robust than many pieces of commercial software designed specifically for the corporate world, according to Chris Pratt, Linux manager for Markham, Ont.,-based IBM Canada Ltd.

New retail tools wring more from

Predictive modelling creates buzz by extracting data to aid decision-makers

If it's a conference of retailers and you've found a new way to squeeze more out of profit margins, then it's standing room only whatever the hour.

Outlook rivals lure contrarians

Microsoft's e-mail clint dominates, but alternatives have appealing features

Whether they want to avoid viruses, like the features of alternative e-mail clients or just enjoy swimming against the current, e-mail users do have a fair number of choices.

Now fans can phone for food

by Terrence Belford

The aggravation of waiting in line for a beer and a hot dog — and maybe missing the action — is over for sports fans at 20 stadiums in the United States.

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