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You can save tax by getting your adjusted cost base in order

Think your gambling winnings are tax-free? Don't bet on it

Canadian snowbirds can build a messy tax nest

Cut tax burden and leave a legacy with a donor-advised fund

You're not going to live forever. So read this

How to manage your retirement in the most tax-efficient way

Please your spouse: Put gold in her purse for Valentine's Day

Pay attention to your RRSPs during a marriage breakdown

Recent court decision shines light on antiquity of tax law

New dividend rules could change your RRSP strategy

Tax-free RRSP cash? If it sounds too good to be true . . .

Now is the time to get your house in order for the new year

Now's the time to assess your capital losses

A time for giving: Act like a saint but think like an investor

Steps you can take to avoid paying someone else's taxes

Income trusts still the better tax deal

Provinces may be spoilers of change on dividend taxes

End the tax year right with strategies to maximize deductions

Test yourself to see how much lack of knowledge is costing you


RRSP overcontributions in final year can boost your nest egg

Think twice before giving a child the title to your home

Changing income trust rules could crack retirees' nest eggs

Family trust can be an educational building block

Tax treaty could help prevent a nasty bite

Five ways to be prepared for changes in U.S. estate tax laws

Three reasons you could end up paying U.S. estate taxes

The top 10 items the taxman will query on your return

It's crucial that executors understand all their obligations

Dying without a will can cost your dear ones dearly

Consider the easy way out when dealing with the cottage

Use put options to defer your tax payments

Make sure your sale of home isn't AINT

CRA gives your home a break

Be careful how you donate through your will

Getting stiffed on a loan? A tax break may ease the pain

Market-timing your RRIF withdrawals can make sense

Set your financial house(s) in order before getting married

Royalty trust distributions offer unitholders a number of tax benefits

Beware options in private companies

Notional pension plans a tax option for high-income workers

Some points to consider after filing your return

Self-employment a great shelter -- even without revenue

Changes that help, changes that hurt

Free money on tap for green card holders and U.S. citizens

Watch out for U.S. tax Form 8891

Think twice before deducting too many expenses on your return

Top tips for getting the most out of your 2005 income tax return

With the foreign content cap gone, what should investors be doing?

A tale of three options for your RRSP dollars

RRSPs show clear advantages over open-account savings

Handle your registered savings plans properly when leaving Canada

RRSP mistakes can be costly if you don't know the rules

Strategies for tsunami donations

Make a New Year's resolution on taxes

Scrooge and your CRA taxman have much in common

Man, it's cold -- a great time to discuss the cottage with the kids

Donation tax schemes can come back to bite you in three years

How to give with a passion and get the best tax relief

Make the most out of capital losses

A how-to guide on capital gains

First families, second marriages

Income trust values are justifiably higher than shares

Canadian residents face tax on U.S. rental income

Grant strategy can provide immediate education cash

Follow the rules to make student debt more manageable

Fund your kid's schooling -- with loan from your business

Real estate can be taxing

Negotiating a new job? Think outside the tax box

Employee loans creative benefit

Tax planning required to minimize capital gains

In search of greener grass in the U.S.

CRA interest rate cut means opportunity

Joint ownership can lead to problems

When death and taxes are charitably intertwined

Those nice-to-have stock options can generate a nasty surprise

You have the right to question taxman's assessment

Unemployed in '03? Here are some tax tips to make the best of it

Interest deductions lost under proposed law

Keep your beneficiaries in mind after a divorce

Retirement savings planning should be a year-round sport

Trusts can encourage productivity in children

Passing the buck: Handing money down

Use incentive trusts to reward, not punish

Deferring tax payment puts money in your pocket

Snowbirds should understand tax rules south of the border

12 tax tips to munch on

A year-end registered plan checklist

Break the poverty mentality for a good cause

Substantial savings result when tax planning's a family affair

Choose beneficiary carefully to save tax

Fundamentals key to prosperous retirement

Insurance trusts can accomplish plenty

Tax-saving tips make cost of education easier to bear

Equity strategy can save on taxes

Proper landscaping design could save you tax

Transferring a family cottage to the kids can save tax

Consider an Alberta trust even if you don't live there

'Non-competition' payments may be tax-free

After-tax returns are what matter to fund investors

Make the most of your income tax refund this year

Helpful tips for tax deadline time

The myths of tax preparation and planning

Tax planning can be a family affair

Five changes that might help save your dollars at tax time

Pillars of planning

Use cash in your company smartly

Business owners should applaud the budget

Split-dollar insurance makes a great perk

Employer contributions to RRSPs make sense

To RRSP or not: six issues to weigh

Do the little things right to save tax this year

Invest in some holiday giving

Defer income till new year to shave tax bill

Tax strategies part two

Tis the season for tax tips

A death in the family brings financial issues

Unlock locked-in dollars for more flexibility

Handle deceased's home properly

Making the most of capital losses

Don't underestimate the value of an education plan

Manage student debt properly to avoid burden later

Claim tax relief if your move is work-related

The pros and cons of high-yield mutual funds

A strategy for dealing with debt in tough times

TSX Venture Exchange stocks may offer tax breaks

A way to share the family cottage

Second properties require a pro's tax advice

Recent court rulings can lead to big tax savings

If you overtax the rich, they may not come to dinner

Business traps to avoid for the self-employed

Self-employment is the last great tax shelter

Why you should file a tax return for your kids this year

Frequent stock trades may complicate tax filing

Do business down south? Don't forget to file

This year's top 10 tax tips

Take a lesson from past tax blunders

Save tax on investment income when filing

Ensure you have proof of child care costs

Choose the right beneficiary for your RRSP

An RRSP is a place to stash cash, not a bank account

Some tips on harvesting the losses in your RRSP

Be sure to handle stock options properly

Low rates mean tax savings

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