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leafGlobe and Mail RRSP 2006 Special Report

This on-line magazine contains a wealth of RRSP information to help readers navigate this tax season.
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Computer diskTax Software sub

Thinking of purchasing tax software? Read Rob Carrick's reviews first.
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GearheadTax Tips

View our archive of tax tips from tax expert Tim Cestnick.
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CoinsPersonal Tax Planning Guide

This guide from the Certified General Accountants of Ontario is filled with tips to help you minimize your income tax payable.
Visit the guide.

Book with glassesHow to Select an Accountant

Itís time to hire an accountant...but how do you ensure you select the right accountant for you? The Certified General Accountants of Ontario will help you choose an accountant that meets your needs

Book with glassesPersonal Tax Calculator

Estimate your marginal tax rate with this calculator from Ernst & Young.
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Online Resources

  • Tax form
    Tax Forms

    Get the forms and information you need to file your return for 2005.
  • Computer mouse
    File On-line

    File your personal tax return on-line using the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's NETFILE service.
  • Rotary phone
    File by Phone

    File your personal tax return by telephone using the CCRA's TELEFILE service.
  • Tax form
    My Account
    A new government service that allows you to view your personal income tax information online.

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