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April Issue

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This month:’s new stock filter

We’ve redesigned this page, based on your feedback, to help you zero in on your investments quickly.

All of the same search criteria you're used to are here, but we’ve eliminated the three tabs so you can combine items in one powerful search.

We’ve added Min. (greater than) and Max. (less than) text boxes to all criteria for more flexible and range-based searches. You’ll also be able to search intraday and historical price performance based on dollar change as well as per cent change.

We’ll tell you how many securities we've found so you can modify your search before viewing results as a Price, Company or Estimate report.

You’ll find these reports easier to use too with tabbed browsing of multi-page reports, and we’ll maintain your sort order as you move between pages.

Enjoy the new filter, and send us your comments!

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