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February Issue

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You still have some time to top-up your RRSPs left before this tax year's deadline of March 3rd at midnight. But before you invest your money, visit's special report, RRSP 2006.

Visit RRSP 2006's redesign

Last year, we took a look around our ever-expanding on-line house and decided it was time to arrange the furniture a little more intelligently, paint the walls in more contemporary shades and generally make our corner of the Web a more welcoming place to visit.

The end result offers an improved horizontal navigation accessible from every page of the site, a new and contemporary logo, and a new approach to using colour to organzie our offerings.

On February 7 from 1-2 pm EST, the designer Adrian Norris and editor Angus Frame will be on-line to answer reader questions about the redesign.

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