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January Issue

Welcome to the first edition of Globeinvestor Tips & Tricks for 2005. You can retrieve back copies through our Tips & Tricks archive.


This month:

Find winning stocks

Globinvestor provides an easy way to discover the best performing stocks on North America's markets. To start, click on the Gainers link found on the left-side of the homepage in the "Market Action" box. From there:

  1. Select the industry you're interested in (the default is all) from the pull-down menu.
  2. From the next pull-down menu, choose the exchange (the default is Toronto).
  3. Next, select a price range by choosing a value from the Price Greater than $ pull-down menu.
  4. Then, press Go.

The resulting will screen will five tables detailing the largest advances overall (and by day, week, month, and year-to-date).

View the top gainers on the TSX priced over $10.

New year, new ideas

Trade by Numbers: NEW YEAR, NEW IDEASIt's a new year with fresh opportunities: follow our columnists as they map out a path to prosperity in 2005. Harry Koza reveals what might be the next big thing; Rob Carrick writes about the joys of ETFs; Wilf Gobert sees oil returning to its highs; Andrew Allentuck thinks underperforming funds will shine; and Mathew Ingram looks to the new stars in the sky.

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