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October Issue

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This month:

TSX Symbol Changes

Over the next few months, the Toronto Stock Exchange will be changing the stock symbols for a number of non-conventional voting structures. You can find out more about this change by reading the notice on the TSX site. You can also download an Excel spreadsheet listing the affected issues, their new symbols and the date on which the change occurs.

If you are tracking any of the affected issues in your Stocklist or Globe Portfolio, the symbol change will occur automatically on the specified date.

Focus on Small Business

This month the Globe and Mail turns its attention to small business in two special packages. The first is a sister publication to the award-winning Report on Business Magazine, called, appropriately enough, the Report on Small Business magazine. Read profiles on successful entrepreneurs or get tips about making your business successful.

Additionally, the Globe and Mail's latest edition of its Small Business Special Report becomes available just after Thanksgiving.

Read the Report on Small Business or view the Small Business Special Report.

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