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Top of the heap

For twenty years, the Report on Business Top 1000 has ranked Canada's biggest companies, providing readers with a wealth of shareholder information, and 2004 is no different. This year's annual guide includes exclusive online content like the "300 Biggest Private Companies" and the "50 Largest Employers".

You can also use the downloadable copies of the rankings to help get the best return on your investments.

Read the Top 1000

Investigating mutual funds

They may not wield the same powers as Eliot Spitzer — the attorney-general of New York state who is cracking down on American mutual fund companies — but their work in Canada is unmatched. The Globe and Mail's Report on Business team has assembled a comprehensive, six-day package investigating all aspects of the mutual fund industry in Canada.

The topics they cover range from timed trading to governance; and they even suggest ways you you can fix your own fund portfolio.

Read "Mutual Funds: A Special Investigation"

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