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What does that company do?

When you invest your own money in a company, either directly through a stock purchase or indirectly through a fund, it's a good idea to know what that company does.

With's Company Snapshots you are able to find out what it does, who does it (the key personnel), and even who is responsible for making sure what's done is actually done (the auditor).

Although the snapshots name names, they also let you add up the numbers by providing information such as the key balance sheet details from the past three annual fiscal periods and return on average common equity.

The snapshots can generally be found by clicking on the company name or the  Company Snapshot icon anywhere on the site.

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Don't fear rising rates

Trade by Numbers: THE RISING RATES ISSUE In the latest issue of Trade by Numbers, our columnists suggest the best ways to protect your portfolio against the anticipated interest rate increases. Their counterintuitive advice may help keep your investments strong and growing.

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