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December Issue

Welcome to the last edition of Globeinvestor Tips & Tricks for 2003. You can retrieve back copies through our Tips & Tricks archive.


This month:

Give the gift of gold

Give the gift of GlobeinvestorGOLD to a loved one and wrap up the market. A one-year subscription includes the Gold Tracker which will continuously streams market news, quotes and crucial reports directly to their desktop. The Tracker also lets them watch Report on Business Television and view their portfolio — all in the same window!

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Historical prices

With the year end, people like to reminisce, and we encourage that at To view a price history of a security spanning the last 30 trading days, follow these steps.:

  1. Either:
  2. The resulting page, either a Stock Today or Index Today report, will have a list of links on the right side.
  3. Click the Price History link which will display the closing price, along with the highs, lows, and volumes for each day.

Try it now on the Reports page

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