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This month:

On-line broker survey results

The results of the Globe and Mail's Fifth Annual On-line Broker Survey are in and BMO InvestorLine gets top on-line grades for the second year in a row. Rob Carrick rated twelve of Canada's on-line brokers based on cost, trading, on-line experience, research and tools, electronic services and customer satisfaction. View the complete results.

Blue chips back

With markets rising and economic recovery in the air, blue-chip stocks are back. The latest issue of our free e-magazine, Trade by Numbers, takes a look at some of the biggest and best, including McDonald's, Microsoft, and BCE.
Read Trade by Numbers

Intraday Price Filter

Day-traders make their money off them, and—if they're big enough—they can make CEOs sweat. No matter who you are, intraday price fluctuations can provide a good indication of how the market is feeling. With's Intraday Price Filter, you have just the tool you need to help read that mood.

  1. Click on Filter in the black navigation bar at the top of the pages
  2. On the resulting, select the "Intraday Price Filter" tab change the "Price Greater than $" to 5 or 10.
  3. Enter a value in "Price Change Greater than" and if you want to further narrow the search, a value for "Volume Traded More than".
  4. Select, under "Report Type", the Price Report - % Change option

The resulting list will display which securities are gaining on the day.
Use the Intraday Price Filter.

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