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Report on Business Top 1000: Canada's Power Book

The Globe and Mail's ROB Top 1000 is your complete online guide to corporate performance in Canada. This definitive ranking of the top 1000 most profitable companies is the only ranking by profit. Use the rankings, which you can even download, to help get the best return on your investments.
Read the Top 1000.

Download the Top 1000

Download the complete rankings for the Top 1000 Companies and the Top 300 Privates of 2003 and 2002. These spreadsheets are indispensable tools that allow you to see the information in ways not possible on the printed page or our Web site.
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Two decades of Top 1000 miscellany

For the past twenty years Report on Business has detailed the ups, downs and twists of fate of Canada's biggest companies. Here's a look at just some of the findings:

Of the eight listed firms with "Solution" or "Solutions" in their name, number that are profitable:
Number of the 12 companies profiled at length in the last three Top 1000 issues that saw a drop in profit the following year:
Number of the 24 publicly traded tech firms in 1984 that remain on the Top 1000 list:
Percentage of Top 1000 firms that made less than Magna Corp. CEO Frank Stronach's compensation ($52.1 million for 2002)

Learn more Top 1000 trivia.

The Top 5 Companies

Rank Company (Year End) Profit Revenue
2002 2001 $000 % Change $000 Rank % Change
11Royal Bank of Canada (Oc02)2,762,0001523,234,0003-9
230BCE Inc. (De02)2,475,00038219,809,00082
32Bank of Nova Scotia (Oc02)1,797,000-1718,310,00012-13
44Bell Canada (De02)1,504,000-515,685,000207
55Bank of Montreal (Oc02)1,417,000-413,059,00021-24

See all of the Top 1000.

Ranking the Top Companies

Along with the Top 1000 Companies, there are 10 other lists ranking companies using more specific criteria:

300 Biggest Private Companies

Companies that do not issue publicly traded shares are a large part of the Canadian economy. Many are household names. We rank them by revenue, the one significant measure that many of them disclose. And here you get 200 more companies than listed in the printed magazine.

75 Top Income Trusts

Why were income trusts last year's hottest investments? Just look at those yields. On-line, there are an additional 25 listings.

100 Biggest Companies by Market Cap

Remember 2000, when Nortel was worth $251 billion? And BCE was worth $117 billion?

50 Biggest Market Cap Losers and 50 Biggest Market Cap Gainers

The bear market slashed gains, and the big losers aren't just tech companies any more.

50 Biggest Tech Companies

Two years after the tech bust, it's still hard to earn a buck in this sector.

50 Biggest Employers

Some big names are still hiring. Others, like Quebecor and Telus, are in slash mode.

50 Top-Performing Stocks

Flashes in the pan? Maybe some of them are, but others just keep on climbing.

50 Top-Paid Executives

Shareholders may be complaining but overall pay was actually down last year.

Top Crown Corps

The top 10 federal and the top 10 provincial Crown corporations.

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