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June Issue

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This month:

Exploring the Internet economy

This report is the second of four special reports (the first is also available) on technology offers in-depth analysis of trends in the Internet economy. Included this time is a mixed report card on Canada's 's digital economy, digital rights management, Internet telephony, and much more.

Read the second E-Business report

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Small Business Report

In this report, we aim to keep the owners, managers, employees and customers of small and medium-size enterprises up-to-date with what's new in areas that affect their everyday business existence. Discover how banks are changing for the better and why a succession plan is an important part of any family business.

Read the Small Business report

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One of the popular features of is the Stocklist, which is able to remember about 100 stocks on one list. But what if you want to have multiple lists, say to track different industries?

You can do this quite easily, and in this tip, we'll show how.

  1. To start, click Reports on the navigation bar at the top of any page.
  2. Using Option A, enter up to 30 stock or index symbols (you may want to do this in a text file, and then copy-and-paste it into the field).
  3. From the Report pull-down menu, select the report you would like to see when your Stocklist first appears.
  4. Press Go to generate the report for your selected securities.
  5. Bookmark this page.
  6. You can then rename the bookmark to indicate the type of stocks on this list.

For each new list you want to create, just repeat this process.

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Trade by Numbers: Natural gas

This year, demand for natural gas is expected to outstrip the available supply, and production is predicated to fall an average of 2% a year for the next decade. Although increasing natural gas prices can mean a higher heating bill, it can also be good news for investors. Find out what you need to know in the next Trade by Numbers.

Look for this issue at in early June.

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