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This month:

Tax Strategies

It's almost that time of year again and our new section, Tax Strategies, offers tips on saving money and planning to be more tax-wise in the year ahead.

Don't miss 10 of the top mistakes tax filers make, you won't regret it.

Learn the Tax Strategies

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Family Finances

After sorting through your taxes, it may be a good time to take a look at your family's finances. This special report from The Globe and Mail looks into just that, offering articles on topics like self-employment and RESPs.

Read the Family Finances report

Back to top Tip: Quote Pal's QuotePal is an easy way to track your most-watched stocks. To add stocks:

  1. Launch Quote Pal
  2. Click your mouse in the Symbol input area.
  3. Enter up to ten valid stock symbols, each separated by a space (e.g., BCE-T MSFT-Q KO-T).
  4. Press the Update button and your stocks will be monitored as long as Quote Pal is running

You can also use a special "bookmarklet" to access the Quote Pal directly from your browser:

You may see a warning appear advising that you may be adding an unsafe link. Click OK. (This is security precaution—the "Quote Pal Bookmarklet" is safe.)

Launch Quote Pal (the link is available in the top right of most stock report pages as well).

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Corporate Governance

Although Canada has been spared a corporate collapse on the scale of Enron, domestic companies have had their problems. As a result, we Canadians are more than just a little interested in how companies we work for and invest in are being run.

If you are an investor, employee, or retiree, be sure to read our special report on corporate governance and learn what Canadian companies are doing to shore up confidence.

Read the Report on Corporate Governance

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Even though the Nasdaq collapsed, and many dot-coms imploded, the Internet economy survived (as you reading this attests).

At globeinvestor, we are running the first of four special reports on technology that appeared in The Globe and Mail. This initial report offers in-depth analysis of trends in the e-business, with an emphasis on how successful companies are using the latest developments to advantage. Wireless technologies, security, outsourcing and Web services are just a few of the topics under consideration.

Read the Globe E-Business Report

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