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The Wise Investor

Every Tuesday, is running columns by expert investors who know the market. Recent topics have included rebalancing your portfolio, choosing a financial advisor, as well as buying growth stocks and ETFs.

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Back to top Tip: Track the loonie

Our loonie is resurfacing from a long dive, and is the highest is been since July 2000. In fact, if it maintains its 7-per-cent increase for the rest of the year, the Canadian dollar will have had its second strongest year in the past 50 years (in 1988, it gained 9 per cent).

The's Stocklist allows you to track the Canadian dollar in your portfolio, just like a stock. There are three denominations to choose from: the loonie versus the U.S. dollar, the euro, and the yen.

  1. First, select List Indexes on the Symbol Lookup page.
  2. Then, chose the currency you want to add (for example, "Canadian Dollar ($US)") then select the "Add to your Stocklist" link in the "Find out More" column.

Seeing how the dollar is performing will now be as easy as clicking on Stocklist in the top, black navigation bar that appears on every page.

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Protecting your portfolio

In mid-March, the latest issue of Trade By Numbers will offer a series of articles suggesting ways you can help shelter your portfolio from the economic instability caused by the latest Iraq crisis. Watch for it on the homepage of

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