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February Issue

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Saving for retirement

You still have some time to top-up your RRSPs left before this tax year's deadline of March 3rd at midnight. But before you invest your money, visit's special section, RRSP 2003. Packed with articles and tips from The Globe and Mail's personal finance experts, the section is updated with new articles every week. And don't forget to check Rob Carrick's annual survey of the best on-line RRSP brokers to see how yours fared.

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Charting a stock's performance against a related index can be an excellent comparison tool, and it's easy to do with You'll need to know two things:

  1. The stock's symbol
  2. The index's symbol

To find out the former, click on "Symbol Lookup" found on the top right of every page. Enter the company's name on the resulting page and press "Look it up." Make note of the stock symbol, then click the "List Indexes" link found beside the lookup box. The page that loads will list all the indexes carried by

Once you have selected an approriate index, click its chart icon ([Chart icon]) to view its performance. At the bottom of the page, in the field beside "Enter additional symbols," type in the company's stock symbol. Press "Chart."

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Not your typical investment

When one thinks of investing, it is usually of buying mutual funds or shares in a company. But with this rocky market, many people are looking for other ways to make their money grow. These alternative investments range from fine wines to antique furniture. In our special report we look at these non-traditional investments, and reveal some tips for those interested in jumping into this market.

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Glittering gold

Has gold lost its luster? As investors know, past performance is no guarantee of future returns, so read our free e-magazine, Trade by Numbers: The Gold Issue, and find out whether the gold bugs were right all along.

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