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January Issue

Welcome to the first edition of Globeinvestor Tips & Tricks for 2003. You can retrieve back copies through our Tips & Tricks archive.

This month:

Trust income has just launched a new Reource Centre devoted to one of the hottest stock market niches: income trusts. From oil and gas to real estate and business trusts, we have it all. Not sure where to start? Take the Trust Primer. Looking for a particular security, use the Trust Filter on the centre's homepage. No matter what you what to know about income trusts, this resource center is the place to start.

Visit the Income Trust Centre...

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So how do you find the right trust? Use's new tool, the Trust Filter. Found in upper right corner of the Income Trust Centre's homepage, the filter has access to trust units across North America.

  1. First select the market you want to filter from by selecting it via the Exchange pulldown
  2. Then choose the time frame for its performance (e.g., YTD, one week)
  3. Enter a percentage in the field beside Change greater than
  4. If you're also looking for a Dividend Yield, enter the percentage beside the "Greater than %" field, then press Go.

Try the Trust Filter...

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My one and only

Last year, the winner was a finance professor. This year, it could be a Barbie doll. That's right, The Globe and Mail's Seventh Annual 'My One and Only' Stock-Picking Contest is back. Nine contenders (including a little girl's Barbie doll) picked one stock they thought would be the best performer in 2003. Now, at, you can track how they're doing in the My One and Only stock contest portfolio.

View the Portfolio Report for My One and Only stock contest..

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Energy essentials

With the winter months comes rising energy bills, and, one hopes, strong perfomances from related companies. Before you buy in that sector, though, read the January Oil and Gas issue of our free e-magazine, Trade by Numbers

Read Trade by Numbers...

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