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December Issue

Welcome to the last edition of Globeinvestor Tips & Tricks for 2002. You can retrieve back copies through our Tips & Tricks archive.

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Marked on the calendar

December opened with a shake-up in the U.S. economy as already disappointing employment numbers grew worse when two of the White House's top economic officials lost their jobs. This kind of news can often send the market into a tizzy, but you can be prepared.

In partnership with the, offers you a constantly updated look at the upcoming events with the Economic Calendar. Listed along with the announcements are the forecasted numbers, the actual results (for those that have passed), and the previous results. Find it under "Resources" on the left-side navigation of's homepage.

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The case for the defence

Give yourself the holiday gift of investing insight with the second issue of our monthly e-magazine, Trade by Numbers. This issue, economist Avery Shenfeld argues the on behalf of the market's latest scapegoat: analysts. Also this month, read articles on the magic of the (earnings) season, the advantages of Exchange Traded Funds, and what "beta" means to a good investor.

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