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October Issue

Welcome to the October edition of Globeinvestor Tips & Tricks. You can retrieve back copies through our Tips & Tricks archive.

This month:

Safety in Numbers

Those magical days of investing in a stock, any stock, and watching it double in value monthly vanished (if ever they did exist) last century. The 21st century brought with it a bear market we're still tackling with. Despite that, there is value to be found, and pooling your money in an investment club can be a safer way to find it.

This month we offer a three-part series on investment clubs:

  1. Introduction A brief introduction to the benefits of investment clubs.
  2. Why Should I Join? Four reasons why you should consider joining an investment club.
  3. How Do I Start a Club? A number of simple steps to help you create your own club.

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What's Old is New Again

The Globe and Mail has revamped its personal finance area. Once known as Net Worth, it now has its own section and a name we are quite fond of: Globe Investor. Look for it every weekend in both The Globe and Mail and here on

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