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Finding the best (and worst)

The S&P/TSX Composite Index (and its ancestor the TSE 300) is widely considered the benchmark index for Canada. It follows that such an index should hold the country's best stocks. But that is not always the case.

To find out what analysts think of the companies on the S&P/TSX Composite Index:

  1. Click on Indexes on the black navigation bar at the top of pages
  2. Under Option B: Index Members Stock Report, use the Select an Index pull-down menu and choose "S&P/TSX Composite Index" and press the Go button.
    The Price Reports for the almost 300 stocks will then appear, however, it's the Estimate reports that will show what the analysts think.
  3. Screenshot of the Estimate tabAt the top of the stock table, click on the yellow "Estimate" tab on the right (see the illustration) to load the Estimate Reports
    • Under the Current Recommendation column, click "Consensus" once to sort the stocks from best recommendation to worst. There should be around 21 stocks rated as a "Strong Buy"
    • Click "Consensus" once again to sort the table from worst to best. Now, the first stocks listed will be four ranker "Underperfom" followed by another 56 or so ranked a less than favourable "Hold."
    Quickly, it becomes apparent analysts covering the S&P/TSX companies think only two-thirds of the index is worth buying.
  4. To get more detailed snapshot of a particular company, click on the Estimate Snapshot icon (Estimate Snapshot icon). The April 2002 Tips & Tricks talked more about this.

Sort the Index Members Stock Report

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