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Issue 2

Welcome to the April edition of Globeinvestor Tip & Tricks. You can retrieve back copies by clicking the Help & Contact Us link on the home page.

Your Stocklist

Last month we talked about the Stocklist as a simple yet effective way to track stocks that you might own or have an interest in. Stocklist is the most popular feature of the Globeinvestor site, with over one million being created over the last two years.

Stocklist has a number of things going for it:

  • No login required. You have one-click access to your Stocklist from the black navigation bar at the top of every Globeinvestor page
  • Colour coded identification of which stocks are up or down
  • Ability to sort the list by clicking on a column heading (once to sort down, again to sort up)
  • Access to a number of reports for each stock, using the tabs that appear at the top left of the report, as shown below:
    Tab illustration

While in the Price group of reports, a single click on the "% Change" tab provides a much broader perspective on the % gain or loss of each stock over several periods of time (one week, one year, etc.) Likewise, switching to the "Financial" tab on the top row shows key elements of the financial performance of each company for the same stocks, such as revenue, net income, market capitalization, etc. The "Estimate" tab shows you how financial analysts across the financial industry rate the same stocks in terms of earnings estimates for coming periods, and in terms of their buy/hold/sell recommendations.

Many of you have used the icons on the right hand portion of a Stocklist to gain further information about the stocks in the list, such as a price chart, news, price history, and other related information. We observed that it was often the case that a user would click on one of the icons, such as the Chart icon, and several pages later, want to repeat the exercise for the next stock in the list. This was often achieved by use of the Back button, just to get back to the original Stocklist page. That's why we introduced PowerView, discussed below.


If you look closely at a Stocklist report (or a Filter report for that matter), you will see the word PowerView at the top of the column that displays all of the icons that are shown on the right hand side of the report.

PowerView illustration

PowerView gives you a very quick way to check out the various pieces of information that we carry for each stock. All you need to do to activate PowerView is to click on the PowerView link. When you do that, another window appears on your screen that puts you in the driver's seat for drilling down on the various stocks in the list.

Using the PowerView window, it becomes very easy to check out how your stocks are doing. The left hand frame of the window is used to drive output in the right hand frame.

Icon illustration

If all you want to do is see charts for each stock over time, just click on a chart icon (Chart) for a stock, and then do it again for the next stock. If half-way through this you see something unusual about the chart for a stock, you can click on the news icon (News) to see if there are any news items that may be affecting its price. Or to see the company financials for the stock, click on the Snapshot icon (Company Snapshot). As you can see, the need to use the Back button has been completely eliminated by the PowerView option.

Illustration of no back button

PowerView is a good example of our effort to provide our users with one-click access to useful information, wherever possible.

Tune in from your Desktop

Now you can tune in to ROBTv's financial news webcasts directly from and Follow the links on the home page to view ROBTv's daily program schedule or get it sent right to your inbox every weekday.

Our new ROBTv weekday webcasts include:

  • Coverage of global market activity from a Canadian perspective.
  • Company profiles, economic forecasting and analysis, segments on personal finance and interactive features that involve viewers.
  • "Talking Mutual Funds" with mutual fund analyst Ranga Chand. Check out our archive of mutual fund webcasts.
  • Regular coverage of important corporate announcements as they happen including news conferences, annual meetings and key trade shows.

Announcing our $25,000 Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to the grand prize winnerin's $25,000 Portfolio Giveaway contest - James Kulczycki of Toronto.

The eight-week online contest was our most successful on-line contest so far and we thank everyone who entered. In addition to Mr. Kulczycki being selected as the random winner, there were eight weekly winners of $500 cash awarded nationwide.

The weekly winners of $500 cash prizes from across Canada included Susan McEwen of Ajax, Ont.; Philip Bettle of St. John, N.B.; Jeffrey Lough, Dorval, Que.; Walter Shupe, La Ronge, Sask.; Carl Mason, Okotoks, Alta.; Cedric Nagy of Dundas, Ont.; Marie Phillips of Hamilton, Ont.; and Paul Saulnier, Oshawa, Ont.

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