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Quotes and Market Data

This service features market data from, the newest member of The Globe and Mail's family of Web sites. It is a FREE service focusing on providing price, performance and index benchmark data on securities trading on North American stock exchanges.

Get a quote

To get a quote, enter a symbol for a stock or index — followed by a dash ( - ) and its exchange code — and click Go.

Each quote from features the latest price for a particular stock or value for a particular index at a given time. Each quote also includes, among other items, net and percentage price changes, trading volume and the 52-week high and low for the stock or index.

When entering a symbol, you are encouraged to type in an exchange or an index code in order to isolate a single security or index. The exchange codes are as follows.

Exchange Exchange Code
Canadian Venture X
Nasdaq NMQ
Nasdaq SC QS
New York N
Toronto T

Symbol Lookup

If you don't know the symbol for the security, but know the name of the company, click Symbol Lookup to locate the symbol and to view a quote.

Timely Updates

During trading hours (weekdays, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.), prices are delayed 15 minutes. Calculations do not include the payment of dividends. Each report links to price charts, news and additional information on each company or index displayed on the report.

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