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Intraday Price Filter

About Intraday Price Filter: The Intraday Price Filter is a search tool that gives you the ability to screen stocks based on their percentage price change during the current or last trading day. It does not include price information for previous trading days. You have the option of isolating securities that meet one or more of the following criteria:

During trading hours (weekdays, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.), prices are delayed 15 minutes. Calculations do not include the payment of dividends. Each report links to price charts, news and additional information on each company or index displayed on the report.

Exchange: Select "All" from the pulldown menu to search all publicly traded companies listed on all exchanges in the menu. Choosing a particular exchange or group of exchanges restricts the search to companies listed on the selected exchange(s).

Industry: Select "All" from the pulldown menu to search all publicly traded companies in our database. Choosing a particular industry restricts the search to companies in the selected industry.

Price Change Greater than (%): Type a number into this text box. Example: If, during market hours, you enter 3.2 in the Price Change Greater than text box and click 'Go,' the report generated will display stocks that have risen more than 3.2% during the current trading day.

Price Greater than ($): Select a dollar amount from the pulldown menu. Selecting $10.00, for example, restricts your search results to stocks that are currently trading at or above a price of $10.

Price-to-earnings Ratio: The price-to-earnings ratio is a value indicator that represents the number of times a company's annual per share earnings must be multiplied in order to match its stock market price. A P/E ratio of 15 means that a stock is trading at 15 times earnings. In general terms, the higher the price-to-earnings ratio, the more expensive the stock. Earnings per share figures on the site are calculated based on net income for the trailing 12 month-period, meaning that net income figures are based on the company's last four available quarterly financial reports.

Select either Greater than or Less than from the pulldown menu and enter a number. Example: If you select "Less than" and type in 10, the filter will display results for stocks that have a price-to-earnings multiple of less than 10 based on the latest intraday or end-of-day price.

Report Type: You can opt to view your search results in the Quote report, $ Change, or % Change report.

Volume Traded More than ('000s): This field is optional. Volume represents the total number of shares of that security that were traded during the current or at the end of the last trading day. Typing '400,' into the text box restricts your search results to stocks whose trading volume for the current or last trading day exceeds 400,000 shares.

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