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Historical Price Filter

About Historical Price Filter: Use the Historical Price Filter to screen stocks based on their percentage price change. Price changes are based on the last available closing prices, and do not include intraday price action. The database of historical prices is usually updated with the latest closing numbers before 8 p.m. EST each weekday after the markets close. You have the option of isolating securities that meet one or more of the following criteria:

Dividend Yield: Type a number into this text box. Example: If, you enter 3.2 in the Dividend Yield text box and click 'Go,' the report generated will display stocks where the Dividend Yield is greater than 3.2%.

Exchange: Select "All" from the pulldown menu to search all publicly traded companies listed on all exchanges in the menu. Choosing a particular exchange or group of exchanges restricts the search to companies listed on the selected exchange(s).

Industry: Select "All" from the pulldown menu to search all publicly traded companies in our database. Choosing a particular industry restricts the search to companies in the selected industry.

Price Performance: Use Price Performance to isolate stocks whose percentage price change is greater than, less than or equal to a specific amount during a selected time period. Therefore, on the first line:

For example: 1 Month return Greater than 30 % will return a Quote Report containing all stocks and indexes whose price has jumped by more than 30% during the last 30 calendar days.

The second line under price performance is optional. if you choose to complete the first line and the second line, the search will isolate stocks and indexes that match the criteria entered in both lines. For example:

will isolate stocks and indexes whose price has jumped by more than 20% during the last 22 trading days and by more than 55% in the last year. In this case, you might be searching for growth stocks that have recently made a strong upward move.

Price greater than ($): Select a minimum dollar amount from the pulldown menu. Selecting $10.00, for instance, restricts your search results to stocks that are currently trading at or above a price of $10.

Report type: You can opt to view your search results in the Quote report, $ Change, or % Change report.

Time period: 1 Week includes price gains or losses within the last seven calendar days. 1 Month spans roughly 30 calendar days. 1 Quarter, YTD, 1 Year, 3 Years and 5 Years refer to the last three months, year to date, on year, three years and five years, respectively.

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