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Frequently Asked Questions on Financial data

Which stock exchanges does your site carry data for?

Our site provides stock quotes for securities listed on the following exchanges: Toronto, New York, Nasdaq, Nasdaq-OTC, American, Montreal, Canadian Venture, and Canadian Dealer Network.

Our site does not track stocks listed on the NASDAQ Non-Bulletin Board listing and does not currently track bonds or options.

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How current is your stock and index data?

During trading hours (weekdays, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET), price quotes are delayed 15 minutes.

All trading and transaction information is verified by the stock exchanges. The quotes you see are based on the best available information. Corrections are typically made throughout the trading day, and, in some cases, after the markets have closed. Stock quotes and index values are corrected as soon as the new data become available.

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How often are the company snapshots updated?

The financial information provided in the company snapshots on our site is completely refreshed on a weekly basis. Canadian information is provided directly from the Report on Business Corporate Database maintained by Globe Interactive. U.S. information is supplied by Zacks Investment Research Incorporated through Zacks Canada Inc. All responsibility for the accuracy of the data supplied by either supplier rests with the supplier. We do not change and cannot edit the data.

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Do you have information on unit trusts and Real Estate Investment Trusts?

This site provides information on securities traded on all major North American stock exchanges, including unit trusts and Real Estate Investment Trusts. To get a quote for a unit trust or REIT, go to the home page and type in the ticker symbol followed by .UN and the exchange code. For example, to get a quote for Westshore Terminals Income Fund, type in WTE.UN-T and click Go.

To find a stock symbol for a particular unit trust or REIT, click Symbol Lookup, enter the company name and click Go. When you find the stock symbol, click the symbol to view the latest stock quote.

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Do you have a stock ticker feature that will allow me to track my stocks throughout the day?

Our Quote Pal features a free and easy way for you to track the price performance of up to five of your favorite stocks and/or indexes throughout the trading day. Quote Pal shows the current price of each stock (at least 15 minutes delayed) and is automatically updated every five minutes. Try the Quote Pal now!

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Can I search the news articles on your site?

Our news features the following blend of articles, columns and press releases from various sources. Click a link below to view the latest articles and search the news.

Press releases from Canada NewsWire, CCN Matthews, Infolink and Newslink wire services are archived for 12 months. PR Newswire releases are archived for 90 days. News from The Globe and Mail and Reuters is archived for seven days.

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Do you have historical price listings? Can I get the price of a stock on a past date?

To view a price history spanning the last 30 trading days, follow these steps.

  1. On any Price report or Financial report, click a stock or index symbol in the Symbol column. A Stock Today or Index Today report will be shown, with a list of links on the right side.
  2. Click the Price History link.
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