Andrew Allentuck

Monday, December 2, 2002

Gordon Pape's 2003 Buyer's Guide to RRSPs
by Gordon Pape and David Tafler
Viking, 2002
392 pages
ISBN 0-670-04344-3

They have a gift for making the complex seem simple. There are strategies for building up an RRSP portfolio, there's a discussion of how to use the Home Buyers Plan - a way of borrowing your own money to finance a first home, some caveats on what not to do, and discussions of converting RRSPs to RRIFs. There's also a guide to converting RRSPs to annuities and RRIFs.

A good deal of the content on selecting mutual funds can be found in Gordon Pape's 2003 Buyer's Guide to Mutual Funds by Gordon Pape and Eric Kirzner. But for investors who want to do more than just invest and who may need, for example, to familiarize themselves with RESPs and rollovers of retiring allowances, the Buyer's Guide to mutual funds is valuable.

Veteran mutual fund author Gordon Pape teams up with David Tafler, publisher and editor of 50Plus magazine, to produce yet another update of his useful RRSP guides.Discussions of RRSP management and conversion to annuities or Registered Retirement Income Funds is usually sleep-inducing. It's to the credit of the authors that put some life and readability into the subject.