Andrew Allentuck

Monday, February 11, 2002

Houserich: Your Home as Your Best Investment
by Howard Turk
Prentice Hall Canada, 2002
198 pages
ISBN 0-13-64868-X

Real estate lawyer Howard Turk has written a great book true to its title. His case is simply put: Buying a house is a bet on rising population and, at the moment, favourable interest rates. There are deals today that can't be beat. This book is one of them.

For those ready to move, Mr. Turk offers the economic justification for buying - it's a better deal than renting. He discusses real estate trends, the problem house, what renovations pay - repainting, for example, and which don't - fixing a house up to a level above that of surrounding houses or the neighbourhood.

There's advise on mortgage life insurance, title insurance (his special trade) and a helpful table of closing costs across Canada. The book is weighted with Ontario and Toronto information, but it's a good package of advice from a smart, candid lawyer that anyone can read with benefit before venturing into the market to buy or sell.