Andrew Allentuck

Monday, October 8, 2001

To Have and to Hold: The Smart Woman's Guide to Money and Marriage
by Kathleen Aldridge and Nancy Jane Bullis
McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2001
212 pages
ISBN 0-07-087590-1

Most of the financial guides for women that we review presume that their intended audience is composed of know nothings for whom a few hundred pages of condescending prose will do. This guide, however, presumes that its readers are bright and informed and then goes on to provide valuable information on such things as pre-marriage contracts, tax law, health costs, wills, estates, trusts, divorce and children.

But why is all this information presumed to be for women? Men have an equal interest in the content of the book, so the subtitle does a disservice to the market. This is a good book with a focus on financial affairs of Canadian families. A diligent financial plan for the family can be constructed if one can find other information on selecting assets for investment. Regardless of gender, To Have and To Hold makes good reading in the field of family finance.