Andrew Allentuck

Friday, November 17, 2000

Getting Started in Mutual Funds
By Alvin Hall
John Wiley & Sons, 288 pages

American mutual fund investors are the target market for this book, but any investor can benefit from its well-wrought, lucid explanations of how funds work. Mr. Hall, an author who specializes in investment books, provides a general guide to U.S. funds as well as formulas for calculating the true sales charges of mutual funds with front end loads, relevant details for calculation of backloads or deferred sales charges, intelligent explanations of the implications of value, growth, growth at a reasonable price and momentum investing, and a 48 pages glossary of terms often used in discussions of mutual funds. Most of this information is not uniquely American. Canadians can gain from the technical information on sales and redemption fee calculations in Mr. Hall's book. And for Canadians thinking of opening U.S. brokerage accounts in order to buy highly rates U.S.-based funds, it is an essential guide.